Why co-Mind?

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Why co-Mind?

co-Mind offers a fresh and revolutionary experience to members where private spaces are respected and collaborative space is utilized effectively and efficiently. Our unique product offering, professional design and quality office equipment sets us apart. Being the first of its kind in this area, co-Mind now provides the platform for freelancers, trendsetters, entrepreneurs and other business owners to obtain all the benefits of having a professional office and boardroom set-up without paying exorbitant rent.

A tailor-made package to suit all your workspace needs can be arranged. Co-Mind offers you flexibility, from full time office space to part time hot desking options. Pop in for a few hours to catch up with your emails and admin.

Have your own office space but still want to be part of the co-Mind community? Simply sign up to become a member of the co-Mind Business Community. Along with featuring your business on our Business Community page you will and receive invitations to events and workshops at discounted rates.

Join one of the biggest business community trends in the world by becoming a co-Mind member and start to enjoy the benefits of a shared office space.

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  • collaborative thinking

  • collaboration of minds / people

  • connect, collaborate, and conquer

  • innovation through collaboration

“As entrepreneurship and self-employment continue to increase, community workspaces are gaining popularity globally. Coworking is the concept of multiple small companies and entrepreneurs operating out of a shared office space while working independently. As current job trends evolve, coworking spaces are able to adapt and flow with companies whose needs are forever changing.”

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