Need a Space
to Work?

Connect with, startups and creative entrepreneurs at co-Mind Mossel Bay. Our members work in the fields of visual graphics, accounting and web design, architecture, debt counseling, developers, email marketing, coding, engineering, media, branding, visual communications, business development and illustration.

Welcome to your co-working space

co-Mind Offers an array of perks, facilities and services that will make your work day just a little bit more fun.

What we stand for

The term”co-Mind” stands for something much broader, its a place where a new way of working, a way which is co-operative, open, collaborative and network-based rather than singular, isolated and individual- based. co-Mind will continue to act as the stimuli and catalyst of knowledge sharing, serendipity and accumulation, as well as the vehicle for co-creation and co-development.



    • Warm Interior
    • Comfortable workstations
    • Cleaning Services
    • High-speed Wifi
    • In Town Location
    • Lounge Area
    • Kitchen
    • Printing Facilities
    • Business Address
    • Coffee & Tea


"Co-mind has been my saving grace - I struggled working from home and working at co-mind made me aware of time management and being productive!"

Sheree Timm
Director & CEO at Spotlight Digital

"Co-llaboration at its best, innovative business thinking and non-conventional. Co-Mind for the WIN!"

Tim Tello
Owner / Creative Director / Designer at Redefine Creative

"Co-mind is truly an Innovative space that allows you to feel truly entrepreneurial, collaborative and creative! Love it!"

Candice Hankey
Leadership Consultant at Candice Hankey Consulting

"Amazing work space and vibe. The Brainstorm sessions help improve the way you think and do business!"

Ben Cloete
Director at INOVATEQ

"So excited to experience the co-working concept right here in Mossel Bay!"

Rachel Barber
Co-Founder at Fast Lane Digital